Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Prison Camp 13, Russia, McCain, Polosi, Obama, Bush, DeFazio, Lantos, Cox, Lieberman, all tied in together

Mikhail Khodorkovsky built his wealth with outside money after the collapse of the Soviet Union. His first Trojan business was Bank Menatep, which he used to buy up Yukos oil. With his wealth Khodorkovsky opposed President Vladimir Putin by funding the Communist Party in the Russian Federation. Six months after the invasion of Iraq Khodorkovsky was arrested, giving all of his shares in Yukos to Jacob Rothschild. Aaron Baker gives you a quick run down in the video below, while cleaning his AR-15.


Russia Today’s story- Ex-tycoon Khodorkovsky found guilty in second trial


Must watch video below. The initial trail of Khodorkovsky United States congressman Tom Lantos stands on the Court House steps calling to throw Russia out of the G-8.



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