75,000 US Troops Needed In Syria- ABC News’ Martha Raddatz

Hillary Clinton’s Exit Plan for Syria’s Assad

Secretary of state urges end of President Bashar Assad’s reign amid worry of chemical warfare.



Is Assad seeking asylum?



By Jamie Crawford
U.S. officials have said for months that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s days in power are numbered.

A fight to the death might seem a more plausible outcome as the carnage of the Syrian civil war approaches its second year.

CNN’s Full Story- http://security.blogs.cnn.com/2012/12/05/is-assad-seeking-asylum/?hpt=hp_c1



Chemical Syria: ‘Enemies of Allah will die like rabbits’


Syria’s military is preparing to use chemical weapons against rebels, and is awaiting final orders from President Assad according to un-named US officials quoted in the American media. Washington says THAT would be all the reason it needs to intervene in the conflict. And as RT’s Middle East correspondent Paula Slier reports, the timing of these unsubstantiated WMD revelations may not be coincidence.
Also, RT talks to Dr. Ali Mohamad, the editor in chief of the Syria Tribune online magazine.




US ramps up threats in ‘psychological’ war on Assad









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