Oregon Top Headlines 11th to 22nd

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January 22, 2013

Are Increased PERS Costs Are Responsible for a $500 Per Student Increase in State Spending? (The Oregonian)


Bill Would Close Public Employee Pension Records (The Oregonian)


Lawmakers Change Booze Law for Capitol Raffle (Willamette Week)


Court Ruling: 600,000-1 Punitive Damages Ratio for LLC member (Oregon Business Report)


State May Shift Funding Focus for Universities (Mail Tribune)


Tim Nesbitt: Breaking Oregon’s Cycle for Disinvestment and Decline (The Oregonian)


Sen. Whitsett: Preview of Oregon’s 77th Legislative Assembly (Oregon Catalyst)


Experts Say the Idea to Incorporate the OIC is a Good One (Statesman Journal)


UO Hires High-Profile Lawyer (Register Guard)


Group Studies Four Possible High-Speed Rail Routes (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Early Learning is Essential for School Success (News-Review)


Editorial: If He’s Smart, Governor Won’t Speak for Pay (Democrat Herald)


Editorial: Appeal a Good Idea, But Better Air is the Real Answer (Herald and News)


Editorial: Sheriffs’ Negative Response to Gun Control Proposals is Counterproductive (The Oregonian)


Editorial: More Gun Control Will Not Prevent Gun Violence (Central Oregonian)


Opinion: Most OHSU Health Care Workers Get a Flu Shot (The Oregonian)


Working in the Fields (East Oregonian)


January 21, 2013

Bills Would Modify PERS Laws and PEBB Benefits (Statesman Journal)


Rising Cost of PERS Has Cities Worried About Next Biennium (Statesman Journal)


Legislature Faces Tough Choices Ahead on Budget (Statesman Journal)


Oregon University System Funding Scenarios Kept Quiet (Register Guard)


Oregon Investment Council, PSU Seeking Increased Autonomy (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Health Care Reforms Aims to Reduce Cost Growth (Washington Post)


Editorial: Oregon’s New CCO’s Should Take Aim at Obesity as Top Prevention Effort (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Medical Malpractice Reforms: Fair Deal for Oregon Doctors, Patients (The Oregonian)


Republican Irrelevance in Oregon? Here’s a Democratic Suggestion (The Oregonian)


Washington County Educators, Legislators Meet in Forest Grove to Talk Budget Relief (The Oregonian)


Does Oregon Spend $10,000 Per Student, $30,000 Per Inmate? (The Oregonian)


Oregon Right to Life Rally in Pioneer Square Marks Roe v. Wade Anniversary (The Oregonian)


Concealed Carry Permits, Gun Sales Increase Around Mid-Valley (Democrat Herald)


Gun Rights Advocates Overflow the Front Steps of State Capitol (The Oregonian)


Oregon Sheriffs Sending a Message: We Won’t Take Your Guns (The Oregonian)


End in Sight for Payments to Counties (Herald and News)


Oregon Governor Wants to Double Hollywood Subsidies to $12 Million (NW Watchdog)


Oregon Delays Tax Return Processing (Statesman Journal)


Engineering a Fast Train (Register Guard)


Sister Park Plan May Boost Tourism (Mail Tribune)


State Police Start Trooper Recruiting (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Bill Seeks to End ‘Binding Arbitration’ for TriMet Operators, Mechanics (The Oregonian)


Future Looks Promising for More Data Centers in Crook County (Central Oregonian)


Median Income Lags in Oregon’s Minority Communities (Portland Business Journal)


Oregon Dunes: New Lines in the Sand (Register Guard)


BLM Seeking Input on Forest-Uses Plan (Mail Tribune)


January 18, 2013

Rep. Greenlick Unleashes Wave of Nanny State Bills…Again (Oregon Catalyst)


Water Unlocks Productivity of Eastern Oregon Farmland (Capital Press)


Oregon and California Railroad Lands Panel Hands Baton to Governor (News-Review)


School Districts Again Open Enrollment (Clackamas Review)


Opinion: Oregon Should Include Health Sciences in STEM (Argus)


Clackamas County Politicians Propose Legislature Create Boring and Dull Holiday (The Oregonian)


Panel Allows Kitzhaber to Give Paid Speeches (AP)


Oregon Ethics Board: Gov. John Kitzhaber Can Be Paid Speaking Fees (The Oregonian)


Editorial: A Moonlighting Governor (Register Guard)


Editorial: Oregon Not Served by Gov’s Low Salary (East Oregonian)


PERS Investments Are Attracting Attention (Statesman Journal)


Sarasohn: Shawn Lindsay Repeats That It’s All the Voters’ Fault (The Oregonian)


Joe Gallegos: Education, Health and Economic Development are at the Forefront of My Concerns (Argus)


Oregon Receives $226 Million Federal Grant to Set Up Health Insurance Exchange Program (The Oregonian)


Oregon Receives $226 Million Grant for Health Insurance Exchange (Statesman Journal)


Washington Senators Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Block Light Rail (Willamette Week)


Editorial: Legislature Apt to Skip Gun Fray (Democrat Herald)


Oust Sheriff Mueller? Easier Said Than Done (Democrat Herald)


More Oregon Sheriffs Join Resistance to New Gun Laws (OPB)


Washington County Sheriff Wants to Demonstrate His ‘Belief and Commitment to the Second Amendment’ With Letter (Argus)


In Defense of Our Second Amendment Rights (Central Oregonian)


Gun Control: Sheriffs’ Power to Defy Federal Law are Limited (AP)


Editorial: Selective Enforcement (Register Guard)


Report: Oregon Cities Collecting Less Revenue (Portland Business Journal)


Editorial: Fixing a Skewed Tax System (Mail Tribune)


State Police Seeking Trooper Applicants (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Home Foreclosures Down 40 Percent (OPB)


Oregon Venture Capital Plunged Last Year, Despite Startup Fervor (The Oregonian)


Funding the Deal (Portland Business Journal)


Oregon Parents Face Feb. 20 Deadline to Immunize Kids (OPB)


PEBB Outlines Problems During Open Enrollment (Statesman Journal)


Portland Commissioner Proposes Sick Leave Rule Targeting all Portland Businesses (The Oregonian)


Lacey’s House Settling with State Over Management, Operations (The Oregonian)


Oregon Transgender Woman Takes Seat on Democratic National Committee (The Oregonian)


Opinion: Can Oregon Catch Up to Texas on Tuition Equity for Undocumented Immigrants? (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Names Two Portland Women to Multnomah Circuit Court (Willamette Week)


Highway Project Gets $142 Million (Democrat Herald)


Rock Salt Success on 95 (Argus Observer)


Bonneville Power Gets New Boss (OPB)


Oregon Wave Energy Plan Ready for Vote After Four Years of Work (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber, Inslee Differ on Teleprompter Use (OPB)


Why Oregon? New Residents Share Why They Moved Here (OPB)


Southern Oregon Timber Sale Proposal Examined (OPB)


Consumers, Not Producers, Purchase Most Grass Seed Now (Democrat Herald)


January 17, 2013

PERS Issue Carries Double Democratic Dangers (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Action, Not Words on PERS (Baker City Herald)


Editorial: State Agenda Must Begin with Lasting PERS Reform (News Register)


How to Cut 9% of Oregon PERS (Legally) (Oregon Catalyst)


Committee Urges Caution on State Debt (Statesman Journal)


Delayed-Deportation Immigrants Will be Eligible to Drive in Oregon (Statesman Journal)


Oregon DMV Grants Driver Licenses to Some Young Immigrants (OPB)


Rep. Cliff Bentz Encouraged by Gov. Speech (Argus Observer)


Editorial: Focus, Bipartisanship Could Boost 2013 Session (Gazette Times)


Business Poll: Right to Work, PERS and More (Oregon Business Report)


Oregon Could Better Manager Its $70 Billion Investment Portfolio In-House, Wheeler Says (The Oregonian)


Transparency of Proposes Oregon Investment Board Gets Murky (The Oregonian)


Intel Asks About Tax Breaks in Phone Survey (The Oregonian)


Oregon Ethics Board will Consider Kitzhaber Speaking Fees (The Oregonian)


Sheriffs, State Lawmakers Push Back on Gun Control (AP)


Coos, Curry, Crook and Linn County Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Federal Gun Regulations (The Oregonian)


Gun-Related Bills Before the Oregon Legislature (Statesman Journal)


Hughes: Mental Health Must Be a Priority (Statesman Journal)


Official Calls for More Research on Oregon Gun Violence (OPB)


Statistics Spotty on Oregon Gun Crime (OPB)


Officials Work to Make Schools Safer (The World)


New Oregon Lawmakers Hear Long-Term Care Concerns (KTVZ)


GOP Targets Two Oregon House Seats (Portland Tribune)


Republicans Already Targeting Schrader, Defazio for Defeat in 2014 (The Oregonian)


Oregon Tea Party Groups Making New Bid to Influence Legislature (The Oregonian)


Local Governments Join Regional Group Over Tea Party Objections (East Oregonian)


Oregon House Bill Would Let TriMet Operators Go on Strike (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Chip Kelly Leaves Model of Success for UO, Legislature (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Oregon May Need Mandatory Flu Shots for Health Care Workers (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Health Care Costs are a Bipartisan Concern (Herald and News)


Editorial: Legislature Should Quickly Pass Vets Bill (Democrat Herald)


Looking Closer at the Employment Department’s Job Report (Statesman Journal)


State Offices, Courts Set to Close for ‘Furlough Friday’, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (The Oregonian)


Lane County Foreclosures Plummet (Register Guard)


Foreclosed Oregonians Have Until Friday to Join Settlement (OPB)


Oregon Ranks Fourth for State Animal Protection Laws (Statesman Journal)


Kitzhaber Optimistic That O&C Solution Can Be Found (News-Review)


Sources Say: Hales Talks to Burbs (Portland Tribune)


Smith Takes a ‘Purposeful Pause’ (Portland Tribune)


Oregon Wolf Numbers Nearly Doubled in 2012 (OPB)


ODOT Approves New Plan for Straightening US 20 Near Eddyville (The Oregonian)


Oregon Gets Report Card on Invasive Species Control (Natural Resource Report)


January 16, 2013

Lawmakers’ Stance Cautious (Register Guard)


Oregon’s Economic Recovery Caps a Three-Month Slump, Enters the New Year (The Oregonian)


Unemployment Rate Levels Off at 8.4 Percent in December (Portland Tribune)


Oregon Unemployment Rate Stuck at 8.4 Percent (Portland Business Journal)


Racial Disparity Emerges in Oregon Unemployment Data (OPB)


2013 Legislature: Five Bold Business Ideas (Oregon Business Report)


Oregon Democratic Leadership Cautious on Gun Control (The Oregonian)


State Lawmakers Talk Gun Control (Statesman Journal)


Key Oregon Legislators Tepid on Gun Control Prospects (OPB)


Editorial: New York Leads the Way (Register Guard)


Linn County Sheriff Raps New Federal Gun Laws (Register Guard)


Rep. Carolyn Tomei Says She Wasn’t Trying to Attract Attention By Altering Word in Pledge of Allegiance (The Oregonian)


Salem Radio Host Says He Won’t Leave Oregon GOP Post After Harsh Comments About Kotek (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Hired Rudy Carew to Smash the Status Quo in Oregon Schools. What Comes After That? (Willamette Week)


Bill to Reduce Medical Tort Claims in Oregon Get Bipartisan Support (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Urges Death Penalty Vote, Legislative Leaders Lukewarm (OPB)


Kitzhaber Speech: 4 Items Reveal Where We Are Going (Oregon Catalyst)


Editorial: Kitzhaber Lays Out State’s Main Issues with Clarity (East Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Plans Reducing Welfare Time Limit (Oregon Faith Report)


Oregon Latino Rights Group Lays Out 2013 Goals (OPB)


Immigrant Rights Group Causa Launches Campaign for Immigration Reform (The Oregonian)


Young Oregon Immigrants Granted Drivers Licenses Under Deportation Deferral Program (The Oregonian)


Policy Analysts Encourage State Legislators to Renew State Income Tax Credit for Low Income Families (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Current Gas Tax Model Doesn’t Cover Costs (Statesman Journal)


Oregon’s New Mental Hospital is Drawing Fire, and It Hasn’t Even Been Built Yet (Willamette Week)


Gov. Kitzhaber Touts Oregon Film Industry (Mail Tribune)


Oregon Film Industry Keeps Rising (Portland Business Journal)


More Money in the Classrooms vs. More Accountability in the Classrooms (Oregon Catalyst)


GOP Focus for Oregon Legislative Session (Oregon Catalyst)


Franchise Fee Collections Prove the Benefit of Data Centers (Central Oregonian)


Proposal: Fund College Financial Aid Through Bond Sale (OPB)


Lawmakers Fight to Protect Military Vets’ Health Care (OPB)


Barnhart Bill Would Help Fund Vets Home (Democrat Herald)


Greenlick: A Recipe for Safer Eating (Willamette Week)


Lee to Seek State GOP Chairmanship (Clackamas Review)


Video: League of Oregon Cities Discusses Local Property Tax Proposals (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: An Upbeat Signal in State’s Recovery (Herald and News)


Wage Theft the Focus of Upcoming Town Hall (The Chronicle)


State May Allow Airplanes at Waldo Lake (Register Guard)


PGE’s Cascade Crossing Project May Take New Route (OPB)


Japanese Company Eyes Area to Grow Azuki Beans (Argus Observer)


Ranchers Win Top State Awards (Natural Resource Report)


January 15, 2013

McLane: Continue Reform and Bipartisanship in ’13 (Statesman Journal)


Leaders of Oregon’s House React to Governor’s Speech (OPB)


In Second Day of 2013 Legislature, Capitol Press Gets Preview of What’s to Come (The Oregonian)


Oregon House Partisan Index: 26 Percent of Seats Could Swing (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Praises Legislature, Outlines Difficult Agenda (The Oregonian)


Governor Speaks Plainly (AP)


Editorial: The Battle Lines for 2013 (Register Guard)


Editorial: Success Will Come from Cooperation (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Hard Work Ahead (Mail Tribune)


Kitzhaber’s PERS-Reform Lever (The Oregonian)


Editorial: PERS Reforms Worth Looking At (Argus Observer)


Bentz Expects Challenges in New Session (Argus Observer)


House Republicans Include State Worker Issues in Priority List (Statesman Journal)


Leaders Call for Working Together as Legislative Session Kicks Off (Statesman Journal)


Kitzhaber’s State of the State Speech Pushes Jobs, Big Savings (Willamette Week)


Kitzhaber: For Oregon, It’s All About Dollars in the Classroom (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Reinforces Finance, PERS Concerns in State Address (Portland Business Journal)


Oregon Governor Says State is On Track, But More to Be Done (OPB)


Tina Kotek Becomes Fourth Speaker in as Many Terms (The Oregonian)


New Speaker Makes History as Oregon Legislature Opens (OPB)


A Look at the Opening Day of the 2013 Oregon Legislature (Statesman Journal)


Kitzhaber: Priorities Are Boosting Economy, Paring Costs of Prisons, Pensions (Statesman Journal)


New Oregon Legislators Take Office (Statesman Journal)


Bill Would Turn Treasury Investment Division Into Corporation (Statesman Journal)


Police and Fire Pension Fight May Be Headed to Legislature (Willamette Week)


Judicial Foreclosures Jump in Oregon (Portland Business Journal)


Hales: “Stay Angry” About Shootings, Regulate Assault Weapons (Portland Tribune)


Why Hales is Pushing for Statewide Assault Weapons Ban (Willamette Week)


Oregon Citizens Lobby Gears Up for Session (Estacada News)


Schools Have a New Eye on School Safety, Security (OPB)


State Parks Are the Next Battlefield for Tobacco Bans in Oregon (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Kids Must Be Immunized by Feb. 20 or Risk Exclusion from School, Day Care (The Oregonian)


Stagnant Air Prompts Pollution Warning in Southern and North-Central Oregon (The Oregonian)


Portland-to-Eugene High Speed Rail Lumbers Ahead and Needs Public input (The Oregonian)


Oregon Homecare Provider Makes Costly E-Verify Mistake (Oregon Business Report)


State Reopens Part of the Coast to Mussel Harvesting (Register Guard)


January 14, 2013

Kitzhaber Upbeat as He Prepares for a Difficult Legislative Session (The Oregonian)


Incoming House Speaker Tina Kotek Harvests Pre-Session Fundraising Haul (The Oregonian)


Democrats Take State’s Reins (Register Guard)


Kitzhaber to Give State of the State Address as Legislature Organizes Ahead of Session (The Oregonian)


Oregon Lawmakers to Be Sworn In (OPB)


Oregon Legislature Opens Session (Statesman Journal)


2013 Legislative Session Kicks Off (OPB)


House Speaker Tina Kotek on 2013 Session (Statesman Journal)


Kotek Waiting on Legal Analysis of PERS Reform (Statesman Journal)


Legislative Preview: Key Issues, People and Events in the Session (Statesman Journal)


Berger Will Have Voice on Tax Legislation (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Seeks to Restore Courts Funding (AP)


AFSCME Tells Governor to Keep Hands Off PERS (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Legislature Must Find Common Ground to Tackle Issues This Session (Statesman Journal)


Oregon 2013 Economic Growth Expected to Be “Muted” (Oregon Business Report)


Editorial: A Tale of Two Oregons (Register Guard)


NIKE Eyed Austin, Vancouver Until Oregon Special Session (The Oregonian)


Possible Nike Site Could Be Added to Enterprise Zone Next Week (The Oregonian)


Valley’s Interests in Oregon Business Plan Urgent (Mail Tribune)


Editorial: Mortgage Mediation, MERS Need Quick Attention in Legislature (The Oregonian)


Oregon Education Chief Talks About Budgets and Opportunity (Register Guard)


Kotek Set to Make History as Nation’s First Openly Lesbian Speaker (OPB)


Similar Properties, Unequal Taxes (Portland Tribune)


Editorial: Reduce Tax Inequities (Register Guard)


Editorial: Tax System Overhaul is What’s Needed (Democrat Herald)


Opinion: To Protect the Elderly Poor, Go After Perk for Seniors (The Oregonian)


Federal Government Gives Steelhead Special Status to Spur Conservation in Central Oregon (The Oregonian)


Suzanne Gallagher Announces for ORP Chair; New Issue Emerges, Should Chair Be Paid? (The Oregonian)


Tougher Gun Laws Get Kitzhaber’s Support (The Oregonian)


New Lawmaker Leaves Port Job (The World)


Taxpayer Money Sought for Oregon Convention Center Hotel (NW Watchdog)


Hales to Push Legislature for Gun Reforms (KATU)


Oregon Cherry Growers President Discusses Future (Statesman Journal)


Committee to Look at Clean Water Act (Statesman Journal)


BPA Upgrades Double Central Oregon’s Transmission Capacity (OPB)


Opinion: State Report Excluded Data on Criminal Aliens (Register Guard)


Oregon Bans Transgender Healthcare Discrimination (OPB)


Oregon Industry Want GM Salmon Labeled (OPB)


Three New Waste to Energy Projects in Oregon (OPB)


Fishermen Angry Over New Gillnet Rules (Statesman Journal)


January 11, 2013

Editorial: Lawmakers Must Make PERS Reform a Priority (Central Oregonian)


Courtney Foresees Difficult Session (Statesman Journal)


Lindsay: The Life of a One-Party State? It’s Not a Healthy One (Hillsboro Tribune)


Verger to Dems: Don’t Lose Humility (The World)


Oregon Recovery Limps Forward in November, UO Indices Show (The Oregonian)


Nike: No Decision Made on Where to Expand in Oregon (The Oregonian)


Portland Releases Three Non-Disclosure Agreements with Nike (The Oregonian)


Oregon Ranked No. 43 for Education Policies and Results (The Oregonian)


Oregon Health Plan Dental Clash Headed for Legislature (The Oregonian)


Oregon’s Health Insurance Exchange Attracts 16 Plan Applicants (Portland Business Journal)


Oregon Health Exchange Could Serve 471,000 Users By 2016 (Portland Business Journal)


Health Reform Delivers Cash (Portland Business Journal)


Early Signs of Health Care Law Impact (Oregon Business Report)


Parents Fight to Get New Autism Treatment Covered (OPB)


Editorial: Oregon Should Move Ahead on the Columbia River Crossing (The Oregonian)


Bank Pledges $250 Million in State Community Funding (Herald and News)


Oregon Bank Executives See Glimmers of Improvement (The Oregonian)


ReVolt, State Often at Odds (Portland Business Journal)


Whitsett: Oregon Needs to Do a Better Job Collecting Its Debts (Oregon Catalyst)


Oregon Supreme Court Allows Continued Use of Random License Plate Checks (OPB)


Guns in Schools Don’t Poll Very Well (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Seeks Guidance on Paid Speaking (AP)


Kitzhaber Seeks Permission to Moonlight (OPB)


Speaking Fees Could Boost Kitzhaber’s Earnings (The Oregonian)


Grad Assistants are Employees, State Rules (Gazette Times)


Dr. Rudy Carew, Chief Education Officer, to Speak at Hillsboro School District Awards (The Oregonian)


Unger: Aiming to Create Good Rural Jobs, Be a Champion for Better Schools (Argus)


Kate Brown Hires New Spokesman (Willamette Week)


How Gay Friendly is State Government? (Statesman Journal)


Gay-Rights Activists Revive Log Cabin Republicans in Oregon (The Oregonian)


State Offices Close for Furlough Day in January (The World)


Editorial: Water Supply Critical to Washington County’s Economic Future (Argus)

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