Large Prison Break In Syria- Raw Footage, Patriot Missiles Set-up In Turkey, Iran Vows Support For Syria,

Patriot missile set up in Turkey

The first of six patriot missile batteries deployed in Turkey is now operational.

The others are expected to be in place in the coming days.
Turkey and NATO are stressing the missile system is purely defensive.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Adana in Turkey.


Iran official: Attack on Syria is attack on Iran

Issuing Tehran’s strongest warning to date, a top Iranian official said Saturday that any attack on Syria would be deemed an attack on Iran… Read Full Story.


Russia evacuates nationals from Syria

Two planeloads of Russian nationals escaping the conflict in Syria have landed in Moscow. But this is not the start of a mass evacuation, according to officials.


Clashes rage around central Idlib prison

Dozens of casualties as Syrian rebels attack prison in Idlib province, reportedly freeing one hundred prisoners. Al Jazeera Full Story.


Raw Footage of Prison Break

Idlib operation to storm the central prison long 25 1 2013


Raw Footage of Prison Break

Idlib central prison inmates who have been freed 25 1 2013


BBC- Syria conflict: Britain to provide extra £21m in humanitarian aid

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