Top Oregon Headlines- January 23 to 25

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January 25, 2013

PERS Fund Earned 10 Percent Last Year, Slightly Below Projections (Statesman Journal)


PERS Board to Vote on Kitzhaber’s Proposals (Statesman Journal)


Hanna: Time to Retire Some Public Pension Benefits (News-Review)


Planned Oregon Education Database Raises Thorny Questions (OPB)


Oregon Schools Begin to Tie Teacher Pay to Student Test Scores (The Oregonian)


Oregon Lottery Bills Target Problem Gambling (The Oregonian)


Liquor Privatization Issue Still Percolating in Oregon (The Oregonian)


Bill Would Increase Filing Fee to Run for Office, Lowers Signature Requirement (Statesman Journal)


Oregon to Cover State Employee Sex-Change Surgery (AP)


How Does the Legislature Affect State Workers? (Statesman Journal)


Capitol Panel Set for Final Report on Renovation and Seismic Reinforcement (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Make Small Business a Pathway to the Middle Class (The Oregonian)


Kotek Sponsors Bill That Would Alter Section 8 Rules (Statesman Journal)


Jeff Barker: Schools, Job Growth and Help for Middle Class Families Top Legislative Agenda (Argus)


Live Chat with Jeff Barker, Joe Gallegos, Ben Unger on Jan. 30 (Argus)


Oregon State Spending Has Tripled in 20 Years (Oregon Catalyst)


Oregon Senate: Banning Drones in Oregon? (Oregon Catalyst)


Nike Spent Thousands to Lobby Legislature on Special Tax Deal (NW Watchddog)


Oregon Companies Raise Money in Tepid VC Market (Portland Business Journal)


Report: Oregon Agriculture Lags Behind Neighboring States (OPB)


Dave’s Killer Bread Lands Deal (Portland Business Journal)


Portland’s Sick Leave Proposal Divides Businesses (Portland Business Journal)


Commissioners Vow to Ensure Good Science Determines Air, Water Standards (Herald and News)


Roseburg Quits Fighting Mascot Ban (Register Guard)


PSU Finds More Radon Hot Spots Around Oregon (OPB)


Late Crab Season Adds to Job Woes (The World)


Second Oregon Wolf Killed in Idaho By Governor (The Oregonian)



January 24, 2013

Oregon Scores D- in Teacher Preparation (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: A Malpractice Prescription (Register Guard)


Oregon State Government Cut 500 Positions During 2012 (Register Guard)


Oregon’s Union-Employed Workforce Shrank Last Year (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Agency Botches Effort to Create On-Line Database on Accountants (The Oregonian)


Sealy Workers Ask Oregon Investment Council to Help Pressure Owner to Keep North Portland Factory Open (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Hiding the PERS Problem (The Oregonian)


Lies, Distortions, Half-Truths and Fraud Regarding PERS (News with Views)


High-Powered Rifles Bought by School District in California (AP)


Editorial: Don’t Rush to Judgment on Gun Laws (Portland Tribune)


Eastern Oregon Sheriff Joins Others in Saying He Won’t Enforce Assault Weapons Ban (The Oregonian)


Susan Morgan: Mental Health Issues Cut Across All Mass Shootings (News-Review)


Oregon Supreme Court Decision Gives Police Leeway on Searches (Statesman Journal)


Meth Traffickers Aren’t Able to Dodge Federal Penalties (OPB)


Metro Council Ready to Approve a 2013 Legislative Agenda Topped by Oregon Convention Center Hotel Funding (The Oregonian)


Portland Officials Seek Legislative Change to Protect Independent Authority of City’s Public Safety Fund (The Oregonian)


Why You Should Care About Portland’s Mandatory Sick Leave Proposal (Oregon Business Report)


State’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Notes Volunteer Efforts (Statesman Journal)


Greenlick Files Bill to Make Cigarettes a Prescription-Only Drug (Willamette Week)


Greenlick Says He Feels Better About Oregon’s Hiring Process After Talking with AD (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Ducks’ New Coach Looks Like a Winner, But Hiring Process Invites Suspicion (The Oregonian)


Jack Roberts: Obama and Kitzhaber Present Different Visions (The Oregonian)


Opinion: Making College in Oregon Even More Expensive (Statesman Journal)


Former Keizer Resident to Lead State’s National Guard (Statesman Journal)


Recovery in Bend’s Commercial Real Estate Slow, Steady (OPB)


Editorial: About Those Train Cars… (The World)


Lottery Row Gambles on Security (Portland Tribune)


Coming to Oregon: Super Fish or Frankenfish? (Natural Resource Report)




January 23, 2013

200 Shadow Bills to Help Sneak Taxes Along (Oregon Catalyst)


Lawmakers Urged Not to Use Up Oregon’s Debt Capacity (Statesman Journal)


Lawmaker Wants to Keep Public Pension Records Away from Public (NW Watchdog)


Other States Looking for Solutions to Pension Problems (Statesman Journal)


Number of State Workers Drops in 2012 (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Hush Hush at Higher Ed (Register Guard)


Kilcullen Family Backing News Laws (Register Guard)


Shootings Puts Mental Health Care into Spotlight in Salem (OPB)


Child Welfare System Seeing Improvement (Statesman Journal)


State Child Welfare Officials Hope to Launch New Program to Prevent Children from Entering Foster Homes (The Oregonian)


Bautista Hired to Boost Oregon’s English Learners Education Programs (OPB)


Editorial: An Unflattering Set of Statistics (The World)


Editorial: Sticking it to Small Business (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber is 2-0 on PolitiFact This Week (Statesman Journal)


CRC: Pay Up or Shut Up (Willamette Week)


Murmurs: Greenlick vs the CRC (Willamette Week)


Clark County Cuts Off Economic Development Group Over CRC Support (The Oregonian)


Two Washington State Lawmakers Look to Take Light Rail Out of CRC (The Oregonian)


Greenlick Will Request a Hearing Into Oregon’s Football Hiring Process (The Oregonian)


Oregon’s Latest Unemployment Rates (Victoria Taft)


Editorial: Investment Loophole Could Close Public Access (Gazette Times)


What’s Next for the Oregon Transformation Project? (The Oregonian)


John Lee Picks Up Several Endorsements for Oregon GOP Chairmanship Race (The Oregonian)


Multnomah County Unveils 2013 Legislative Agenda, Highlights Local Control, Courthouse Rebuild (The Oregonian)


Settlement Requires PEBB to Cover Sex Change (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: New Gun Owner? Get Some Training (Democrat Herald)


Editorial: Cutting Party Label a Statewide Issue (Herald and News)


Bill Aims to Share Oregon Wildfire Costs (Gazette Times)


‘Aggie’ Bonds Proposed for Loans for Beginning Farmers (Capital Press)


Oregon’s First Incubator Farm Near Gresham Sows Seeds for Future Farmers (The Oregonian)


Portland General Electric Seeks to Buy Two Iberdrola Wild Farms in Gilliam County (The Oregonian)


Oregon Legislator Recounts Childhood Moments with MLK’s Family (OPB)


Sarasohn: Child Poverty Weighs Down Oregon Recovery (The Oregonian)


Fashion Remains an Important Part of Perception in Politics (Statesman Journal)

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