Top Oregon Headlines- Jan 28 to Feb 1

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February 1, 2013

Editorial: State with PERS Reform to Free Money for Schools (Valley Times)


Editorial: PERS Bill Was Inadvertent (Democrat Herald)


Few Lawmakers Opt Out of PERS Despite Conflict of Interest (Oregon Catalyst)


Oregon Pays Out $1.48 Billion in Jobless Benefits in 2012 (The Oregonian)


Oregon Bill Would Allow Marijuana to Treat PTSD (Register Guard)


Oregon Gets Slice of $121 Million 46-State Robo-Signing Settlement (Register Guard)


Editorial: Oregon University System’s Money Discussions Should Be Public (Statesman Journal)


Bruce Goldberg Oversees Health Reform (Portland Business Journal)


Exchange Brings Health Plan Comparisons (Portland Business Journal)


Health Reform Hits Employers’ Pockets (Portland Business Journal)


Opinion: Parents in Oregon Must Be Alert to School-Based Health Center Services (Argus)


Opinion: Mitch Greenlick’s Anti-Smoking Legislation Shows Why Public Has Contempt for Politicians (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Time for an Immigration Fix (The Oregonian)


Farm Bureau on Immigration Proposals (Natural Resource Report)


Tuition Equity Will Come Before Legislature Again (Statesman Journal)


Opinion: Let’s Talk About Winners, Losers and Hidden Costs of Oregon Lottery (The Oregonian)


Washington and Oregon Lawmakers Eye Universal Background Gun Checks (OPB)


Homebuilders, Facing New Challenges in Single-Family Homes, Look to Apartments (The Oregonian)


Urban Growth Issues Could Thwart Efforts to Bring ‘Azalea’ Chip Factory to Oregon (The Oregonian)


Judge Slams Coos Bay Port for ‘Bad Faith’ Handling of Records Request on Planned Coal Terminal (The Oregonian)


Group Wins Ruling in Coos Bay Coal Dispute (Register Guard)


Oregon Finishes I-5 Quick Charge Station Corridor (Statesman Journal)


PGE Transmission Lines to Spare Farmland, Forests (Statesman Journal)


Northwest On Verge of Becoming Pacific Crude Oil Gateway (OPB)


Oregon to Haze Salmon-Eating Sea Lions on Willamette (OPB)


January 31, 2013

Hand-Wringing Over Diplomas (Register Guard)


Oregon Schools Fail to Budge State’s Low Graduation Rate (The Oregonian)


Ore. High School Graduation Rates Low, Despite Gains (OPB)


New Rules Don’t Appear to Affect Graduation Rate (OPB)


Local Entities Shoulder PERS Costs (Estacada News)


State Starts Annual Eligibility Review for Participants in Senior Property Tax Deferral; Program (The Oregonian)


Drones Spur Fierce Debate in Oregon Over Privacy, Technology, Jobs (The Oregonian)


Tax Foundation: Oregon Cell Phone Taxes Lowest in Nation (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Steps Into Debate Over Medical Liability Reform (Lund Report)


Legislature Considers Evidence-Based Approach for Insurance Reform (Lund Report)


Flares Still Brewing Over Integration of Dental Care (Lund Report)


Oregon Receives Mixed Grades In National Economic Report (Statesman Journal)


Micro-Businesses Dominate Oregon Business Landscape (Oregon Business Report)


Portland’s Economic Recovery Continues, Though Slowly (Portland Business Journal)


Report: Foreclosures on Rise in Portland (Portland Business Journal)


Portland Ranked Among Worst Places to Buy a Foreclosure (The Oregonian)


Union Official: Daimler to Lay Off 250 in Portland (Portland Business Journal)


Days Before 2013 Session, Portland City Council Members Outline Top Priorities (The Oregonian)


Randy Leonard Busted Businesses for Code Violations; His Own Sauna Was Off-Limits (Willamette Week)


Four Members of Congress Want CRC Economic impact Report (Willamette Week)


Members of Congress Want Coast Guard to Study Economics of Columbia River Crossing (The Oregonian)


A Partnership Between Business and Education (Central Oregonian)


Editorial: Take Portland’s Sick-Leave Case to Salem (Portland Tribune)


Oregon Midwives Face New Regulation (Lund Report)


Hi-Noon for Dotty’s Owner (Portland Tribune)


Brendan Monaghan: It’s Time for Oregon’s Republicans to Choose New Leader, Direction (The Oregonian)


Washington Labor leader Counts Jobs as Coal’s Big Benefit (OPB)


VA Opens New Veterans’ Clinic in Bend (OPB)


Wallowa-Whitman Chief: No Hurry on Travel Plan (Baker City Herald)


Editorial: We Can Do Better on Mental Health (Mail Tribune)


Editorial: What Sustainability Means (The World)


Renewable Energy Financing Plans Get Attention in DC (Portland Business Journal)


Clark County Legislators: Using Taxpayer Money for Dry Cleaning Expenses is ‘Reasonable’ (The Oregonian)


Oregon and Washington Set Spring Salmon and Sturgeon for Columbia River (The Oregonian)


Kitzhaber Calls for More Tanks to Hold Hanford’s High-Level Radioactive Waste (The Oregonian)


Oregon’s $63M Rural Funds, WA Lawmaker’s Timber Plea (Natural Resource Report)


January 30, 2013

Editorial: The Curious Case of Senate Bill 369 (The Oregonian)


Officials: PERS Reform to Save $4.3 Billion Over 20 Years (Statesman Journal)


Unions: Improving Economy will Ease PERS Problems (The Oregonian)


Big Agenda Awaits Legislators in February (Mail Tribune)


Oregon Receives Mixed Grades In Household Financial Security Report (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: The Last Chancellor? (Register Guard)


Editorial: In Higher Ed, Less May Be More (Mail Tribune)


With Kevin Mannix, His Personal and Political Finances Have Always Raised Eyebrows (The Oregonian)


State Probes Mannix Role in Charity (Register Guard)


Oregon Lawmakers May Look to Shield Bed Bug Data (OPB)


Medicaid Pays for 47 Percent of Children Born in Oregon (Lund Report)


Abortion Foes Seek State Funding Ban (Statesman Journal)


Editorial Roundup: Governor’s PERS Plan Faces Challenges (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Landscape Nurseries Seek Immigration Reform (Statesman Journal)


Applications for CHL Permits Increase Dramatically (Central Oregonian)


Burdick Riles Pro-Gun Activists with Quip About Guy ‘Who Shot Himself in the Butt’ (The Oregonian)


Multnomah County Takes ‘Wait and See’ Stand on PERS, Weighs Options to Solve Long-Term Liability (The Oregonian)


Oregon Small Business Group Calls for “Common Sense” Immigration Reform (The Oregonian)


Does Salem Love to Gamble? (Statesman Journal)


Could Oak Grove Be One of the Largest Cities in Oregon? (The Oregonian)


Editorial: The Ongoing Lessons of the Highway 20 Effort (Democrat Herald)


A New CRC: Cannabis River Crossing? (The Oregonian)


Beaverton Could Redraw Enterprise Zone to Include Possible Nike Expansion Site (The Oregonian)


Home Prices Slip in November for Portland, U.S. (The Oregonian)


Daimler Truck Layoffs Coming to Oregon, Other Sites (OPB)


Oregon to Haze Salmon-Eating Sea Lions on Willamette (OPB)


January 29, 2013

A Third of PERS Employees Were Eligible to Retire in 2013 (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Schools Get Finance Boost for 2013 (The World)


Steve Duin: The Limits of Power and Anecdote (The Oregonian)


OUS Chancellor’s Severance Approved (Register Guard)


Editorial: Higher Ed Will Have Kitzhaber’s Stamp (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Plan Would Aid State’s Goals for Education (Democrat Herald)


Oregon Department of Justice Closing in on Mannix (Willamette Week)


State Goes to Court to Seek Cooperation from Kevin Mannix in Veterans Charity Case (The Oregonian)


Sen. Ginny Burdick Drafting Bill Calling for Universal Background Checks for Oregon Gun Sales (The Oregonian)


Where Does Lottery Money Go? (Argus Observer)


Editorial: Setting a Limit on Lottery Revenue Would Help Legislature Budget Better (The Oregonian)


One Size Doesn’t Fit All for Dr. Bruce Goldberg (Portland Business Journal)


Questions and Answers About Oregon’s Insurance Exchange (AP)


Editorial: Oregon’s Odd Anti-Vaccine Law (The Oregonian)


Work to Shore Up Capitol Advised (Statesman Journal)


Oregon Lawmakers to Consider $250M Upgrade to Capitol (OPB)


OFIR: Oregon Legislature Should Confront the Costs of Illegal Immigration (The Oregonian)


Opinion: Portland Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Could Spur State Action (The Oregonian)


Oregon Among Top States with Greatest Benefits from Wind Energy (Statesman Journal)


Opinion: On Higher Education, Oregon Again Gets Board (The Oregonian)


How to Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out on Public Benefits (The Oregonian)


Urban Renewal Districts: What They Are and How They Work (Democrat Herald)


State Finally Pays Washington County $11.5 Million (Portland Tribune)


How Safe are Oregon Schools? (Oregon Catalyst)


A Studded Tire Ban vs. Charging Fees (Statesman Journal)


Bedbugs and Violence Prevention Among Topics House Health Care Committee Will Take Up Next Week (Statesman Journal)


DEQ Holds Meeting on Troutdale Power Plant Proposal (Portland Business Journal)


Rep. Blumenauer Predicts Marijuana OK in Oregon (OPB)


Washington Promises to Try to Keep Marijuana in State, But How? (The Oregonian)


Peter DeFazio Claims Record By Staying True to Form (The Oregonian)


January 28, 2013

Strong Investment Returns in Oregon’s Public Pension Fund Still leave $14 Billion Deficit (The Oregonian)


PERS Unfunded Liability Down $2 Billion (Statesman Journal)


Assumed Earnings Rate Change Considered by PERS Board (Statesman Journal)


PERS Fund Earned 14 Percent Through November 2012, Slightly Below Projections (Statesman Journal)


Despite Their Clout, Oregon’s Public-Sector Unions Face Tough Fights in 2013 Legislature (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Doing the PERS Savings Math (The Oregonian)


Editor: Another Idea to Reform PERS (Argus Observer)


Editorial: PERS Proponents Preach Patience (East Oregonian)


Editorial: No PERS Blackout (Register Guard)


Oregon University Chancellor to Step Down Under Pressure (OPB)


Pernsteiner, Oregon Higher Ed Chancellor, Resigns in Face of Looming Changes (The Oregonian)


For Rudy Crew, Tough Oregon Budget Means a Harder Sell (The Oregonian)


Career Education Classes Declining Despite Interest Among Many Students (Register Guard)


State Expects Payroll Tax Increase to Cut Into Lottery Spending (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Dentists; Concerns Must Be Addressed to Hasten Health Care Overhaul (The Oregonian)


Payroll Tax Impact (Oregon Business Report)


Beware: Soda Tax, Gas Tax, Beer Tax, Tire Tax, Late Tax, Privilege Tax (Oregon Catalyst)


Hospital Provider Tax Takes Center Stage (Lund Report)


State-by-state Implementation of Health Insurance Exchanges, Medicaid Expansion (The Oregonian)


Are Abortion Clinics in Oregon Not Held to ‘Basic Health and Safety Standards?’ (The Oregonian)


Trio from NE Corner Prepare for Salem (East Oregonian)


Editorial: Keep Gun Info Private (Register Guard)


Oregon Lawmaker: Gun Owners are ‘Wackos,’ Thanks Buffalo Wild Wings for No Gun Policy (Victoria Taft)


Editorial: Sheriffs Offer Contrasts on Gun Control (Gazette Times)


SolarWorld Lays Off 50 in Hillsboro (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Reconciling Sustainability and Profitability in Oregon’s Green Industries (The Oregonian)


Oregon Legislature Bills Target Damage from Studded Tires (Statesman Journal)


Immigration Issues Back in Spotlight at Oregon Legislature (Statesman Journal)


Editorial: Time for Realism on Immigration in Congress and Oregon (The Oregonian)


Editorial: Light Rail Phobias in Vancouver Shouldn’t Slow CRC Momentum (The Oregonian)


Five Candidates Aim to Lead Oregon’s Republicans (AP)


Once GOP Stronghold, West Veers Into Dems’ Column (AP)


Who Do Washington Voters Keep Rejecting Republican Candidates for Governor? (The Oregonian)


New State Law Tackles Teen Dating Violence (Argus Observer)


A Parent’s Wishful Thinking on Useful Oregon Legislation (The Oregonian)


Ashlander Chosen for State Panel (Mail Tribune)


ProPublica Report Details Problems at Oregon Nursing Homes (Statesman Journal)


Report: Oregon Agriculture Lags Behind Neighboring States (Statesman Journal)


Activists Claim a Victory in Fight to Change Foreclosures (OPB)


Opinion: Improving Foreclosure Process Benefits Economy (Register Guard)


Require Paid Sick Time? (AP)


Like Liquor? Looking for Work? (Willamette Week)


Oregon Banks Pay Savers Less Interest, But Not Much Less (OPB)


Oregon Seen as Next Battleground for Marijuana Legalization (The Oregonian)


Debate Brews as Cougars Grow Bold (The World)


Editorial: Use Biomass Tax Break to Replace Wood Stoves (Herald and News)


Oregon Bills That Impact Farmers (Natural Resource Report)


Oregon Mill Finds Its Industry Niche (Statesman Journal)


Political Chat: Filibusters, Oregon Legislature and Roe v. Wade (OPB)


Oregon Picks Four Spots for Wave and Offshore Wind Energy (OPB)


Oregon Miner Loses Case Over Salmon Stream (AP)

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