U.S Embassy Bombed In Ankara, Turkey

Bomb attack on U.S. embassy in Turkey

Turkish media says there are casualties after a bomb goes off outside the U.S. embassy in Ankara. Reuters Turkey bureau chief Nicholas Tattersall gives us the latest on the attack, and who might be behind it.


U.S Embassy Blast in Ankara, Turkey (raw footage)

A blast at the U.S Embassy in Turkey’s capital Ankara kills two people and wounded several others with a suicide bomber blamed for the attack.


Another attack on an American embassy


Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters weighs in on terror bombing in Turkey.


Turkey blast: Suicide bomber strikes US Embassy in Ankara

A suicide bomber has attacked the US Embassy in Ankara. At least one security guard working at the embassy was killed in the blast, as well as the bomber.


The Guardian- US embassy bombing in Turkey called ‘act of terror’ by Obama administration


New York Times- Suicide Blast Kills U.S. Embassy Guard in Turkey


US Embassy Bombing in Turkey Was Eighth Embassy Attack During Secretary of State Clinton’s Reign



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