German Girl Knocked Over Shooting Guns for the First Time- Getting the Oregon Experience

Verena from Germany nearly gets knocked over by the kick of a 12 gauge shotgun. It’s Verena and Dennis’ first time shooting guns. They are both from Germany and have not had the opportunity to do so.  I Aaron Baker recently met Verena and Dennis online through It’s a great way to travel and an even better way to meet new people from around the world. I took Verena and Dennis on a couple day tour of the areas surrounding Elmira, Oregon. Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast, Sea Lion Caves, Triangle Lake rock slides, Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area, and dunes overlook with high winds were all spots of interest. Shooting a Double Star AR-15 and 12 gauge Mossberg 500 in the forest was the highlight of excitement.

Yes, Verena’s stance was completely wrong, causing her to loose balance when the recoil pushed back. But, let it be a learning experience for everyone. She should have pivoted about 45 degrees off the target line toward the shooting hand side. Feet about shoulder length apart, weight shifted to the front foot. When she fired she was leaning back rather than putting her weight forward. Watch a shortened version of the video below with slow motion.

By Aaron Baker

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