Walking In The Mud Of Fern Ridge Lake When It’s Drained

Filmed January 19, 2013.

Take a walk in Fern Ridge Reservoir when it’s drained in the winter time. We started our walk near the end of Jeans Road in Elmira. We walked along an old road bed that once connected Eugene to Elmira. The road was called Elmira road, but now has no name and no car can travel over the old destroyed asphalt. We spotted several crawdad (Signal Crayfish) pinchers that were laying in the gravel. Many species of birds can be spotted foraging the mud for food. Old pilings of bridges can be seen were the road crossed creeks and streams. Bring your rubber boots if you want to cross the muddy creeks.

By Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker Aaron Baker is the Owner and Cheif Editor of No Sugar-Coated News.

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