On the Ground in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Florida

It’s time for traveling fun. This is a video blog of my first day on my Southern Florida and Caribbean tour. My uncle shows me his pool area and points out a large iguana basking in the hot Florida sun on top of a brick wall near the pool. I get my first glimpse in my life of the Atlantic Ocean. I get a tour of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida. I see a large mall that has many vacant retail spaces. I know Florida is a terrible representation of East Coast life. So many tourists and emigrants. Soon I will be planning a real East Coast United States tour. Small lizards and geckos can be found everywhere on the ground in Florida. Many birds can be spotted, one that stands out to me in this video is one with a very long beak that he pokes into the ground. I believe it’s called an American White Ibus. Many more blog updates to come.

By Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker Aaron Baker is the Owner and Cheif Editor of No Sugar-Coated News.

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