Government Toll Freeways In Florida, Traveling To Key West on The Overseas Highway

It’s time to start making my way down to Key West via the Ronald Regan Turnpike and the Overseas Highway. The Florida Turn Pike is a toll road that is over 300 miles long. It’s said that the tolls would add up to over 18 dollars if I traveled the whole turnpike. The toll stations are all automatic, overhead cameras take a picture of your license plate. A bill is then sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. In my case that would be the rental company. Oh boy, here comes some unexpected charges from a company that will be sure to jack up the price. I finally get out of the Miami metro area and continue south on the Overseas Highway that connects the Florida Keys to the mainland. I get a little snorkeling in around Marathon Key. Saw a few fish under a Mangrove Tree. Now the real fun begins, find a place to stay in Key West while college spring break is happening. All hotels are booked and possible couchsurfing hosts are looking like they’re falling through the cracks.



By Aaron Baker

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