Human Sacrifices, Mayan Ruins, **Listener Beware**, Tulum, Mexico

My travel guide, David, was a real Mayan who spoke the native language. Listen to him explain how human sacrifices were carried out on top of the pyramid. The pyramid at the Tulum location is referred to as The Castle, Spanish- El Castillo. On ground level there are two small temples, one on each side of the stairs. The temple on top is where the main ceremonies were performed- e.g., human sacrifices. David goes into gruesome detail of how the heart was taken out of the human still beating and put in a dish then burnt with incense. I had to ask David what he thought of Mel Gibson’s movie called Apocalypto. David said he did not like that the temples and buildings were not accurate in color. Mel showed the temples as they are today, dull rocks, not as they were then, full of color. Other than that he liked it, except there was not enough blood.

By Aaron Baker

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  1. laportama Reply

    January 4, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Our guide — same company — said that the human sacrifices are a myth.

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