Australians and Europeans Eat Barbaric Compared To Americans


Had an awesome time hosting Kim from Adelaide, Australia and Luke from Mornington, Australia. After several days I noticed they had far different eating utensil etiquette than I. Now after researching into this strange habit, I’ve found my eating etiquette is older and more prestigious than the etiquette being widely used across Europe and apparently in Australia. Link to Wiki article-
Forgetting about our obvious cultural differences and enjoying what Northwest Oregon had to offer, we bonded. Barbeque after barbeque on the houseboat, horserace, nightclub, live music, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Fort Stevens, Astoria Colum, were just some of the notable events on our Oregon experience. If you ever have the chance to meet some Australians, don’t pass it up, and never pass up the opportunity to hire a respected reporter like Kim while being on the record, “%$#@.”

By Aaron Baker

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