Eight Train Engines Climbing 1.9% Grade, SP Kodachrome, In and out of Tunnels, Cascades, May 1986

Freight train pulling up PengraPass at Cruzette Siding, May 1986. Cruzette is one of the  steepest grades on the hill. Just North of the siding is tunnel 6 and 7. Tunnel 7 is known for choking out engines and causing trains to loose speed. In this video the large smoke cloud at the beginning is billowing out of tunnel 7. The train then passes through tunnel 6 and along Cruzette siding to finally disappear into tunnel 5. It’s a long continuous grade of a total of 44 miles making it the longest continuous grade on the Southern Pacific System. SP 8365 (SD 40T-2), SP 7519 (SD 45R), SP 7399 (SD 44R), all in the head consist. SP 9302 (SD 45T-2), SP 8355 (SD 40T-2), SP 7457 (SD 45R), SP 7356 (SD 40R),  SP 9173 (SD45T-2), all as manned cut in helpers. Video thanks to Gregory L. Baker.


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