Tons Of Garbage To Float Down Willamette River – With Updates

Eugene, Oregon is now known as a great place to be homeless nationally. Eugene’s Mayor, Kitty Piercy and city council have promoted homelessness to the point of disaster. In this video you can see the extreme looming environmental catastrophe. With Oregon’s rainy winter, the Willamette River’s water level will rise and wash tons of hazardous waste down stream to Portland, Oregon. This video was made November 7, 2014.


Several local news organizations picked up the story. The first was a local newspaper called the Eugene Weekly on November 13, 2014. They did a good investigative article into the situation, interviewing and questioning several local officials. Link to story- Trash Along Willamette River Highlights Homelessness, Pollution Problems



The second news organization was KVAL television on November 17, 2014. Video is below. Link to original video-‘We’ve seen a sixfold increase in homeless camping’


Other stories started surfacing once a cleanup effort got started. Eugene Weekly’s follow up story Cleaning up a hazardous campsite

The Register Guard’s story-
No shore things
Volunteers hit the banks of the Willamette for trash cleanup


KVAL news’ follow up gave credit to No Sugar Coated News for initially reporting on the disaster. Link to story- Volunteers clean up illegal camp trash along Willamette River

Video below.

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