Leavenworth Washington, Bavaria in the United States

Had the unique opportunity to take a small road trip to Bavaria in the United States. The small Bavarian themed town of 1,965 people is called Leavenworth, Washington. The transformation into a Bavarian modeled town started in 1962. The video starts out in Yakima, Washington, with a bit of footage of the hybrid espaliered apple trees. From Yakima we ventured north on Washington Highway 821 through a deep canyon cut by the Yakima River. Leavenworth was a picturesque town with 5,000 to 8,000 foot, snow capped, mountains in the background. The German sausage at Munchen Haus was very good with many different types of Mustards to choose from.

By Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker Aaron Baker is the Owner and Cheif Editor of No Sugar-Coated News.

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