UCC, Roseburg, Shoots Back at Obama’s Visit

Obama quickly politicized the tragic mass shooting that happened October 1, 2015 at Umpqua Community College. Obama called for stricter gun control before the bodies were cold and counted, not even knowing any details to the tragedy. October 5, 2015 the White House decided the President would visit the families and victims of the shooting.

Pro 2nd amendment supporters quickly organized counter protests to Obama’s knee jerk reaction to further restrict guns. On October 9, 2015 thousands of protesters showed up in support of the families and local community. Obama’s motorcade bypassed the majority of protesters by taking Interstate 5.

By Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker Aaron Baker is the Owner and Cheif Editor of No Sugar-Coated News.

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One Response to UCC, Roseburg, Shoots Back at Obama’s Visit

  1. Sandy Workman Reply

    October 9, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    I can’t stand Obama, but this us not true. Roseburg is my hometown. There were maybe 100 or do protesters, no way thousands. I abhor Obama, but the truth is the truth.

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