Hell Hole

It’s a dry September day deep in Oregon’s conifer forested Cascade Mountains. Aaron Baker with his cousin Kelly fearfully blaze into one of the most dangerous, un-mapped, unstable places in Oregon. The United States Forest Service and other mapping services have kept this geological phenomenon a secret for nearly a century. Now Aaron and his cousin Kelly bravely give you a close look into an adventure taken by only a few before them. The Hell Hole is a massive crack in the side of a mountain above the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. The side of the mountain is slowly separating and sliding down into the valley below, eventually naturally damming the river below. The land is constantly sliding making the area dangerously unstable.
The Hell Hole has an unmaintained trail leading to a breath taking view of the crevice. The hike into the Hell Hole requires ropes and safety gear. Only a experienced hiker is able to make the decent into the Hell Hole. The slopes are very unstable and filled with loose rock, that if dislodge can easily kill anyone below. Once deep in the crevice one can notice a change in temperature and climate. Few plants and animals can be found in the depths of the Hell Hole. Deep dark rifts that seem to never end, can be found with cold air steadily blowing out. Roots of trees are stretched tight and broken in spots showing the constant move of the earth.

Watch Aaron Baker and his cousin Kelly’s adventure below. No other video can be found that shows the Hell Hole in such a spectacular way.


Check out Oregon Public Broadcasting’s 1997 Oregon Field Guide Episode, “Hell Hole”. Steve Amen a 20 year veteran of Oregon Field Guide goes along with some Forest Service Geologist into the depths of Oregon’s Hell Hole.

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