Peter DeFazio Peeping Tom (DHS Committee Member) as seen on Rachel Maddow

Peter DeFazio opens a man’s mail box slot on his front door, spying in the house while being videotaped. Peter DeFazio had no clue whose home he was spying into.

Do you still think you have privacy? When an Elected Congressmen blatantly invades into a man’s home while being recoded on National Television. Is Freedom lost?

Watch below.


MSNBC Rachel Maddow steals No Sugar Coated News’ Footage at 23 seconds in the clip. At the same time the clip was playing Peter DeFazio was accusing Art Robinson of living on a Survivalist Compound in the hills of Oregon. Art lives on a family farm.



Aaron Baker questions Congressman Peter DeFazio on his Peeping Tom incident. Peter DeFazio is a Committee Member of the Department of Homeland Security who clearly does not care about your privacy.
Watch below.


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