Economic Collapse, S&P Downgrades USA Credit Rating, DOW Plummets 699 points, 450 Jobs Lost Eugene, Oregon

Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets 699 points this week with no sign of ease. The credit rating of the United States is downgraded by S&P for the first time in history. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Commander is named the president of OPEC. Food stamp recipients rise to a record 45.8 million. Fannie Mae seeks 5.1 billion more from taxpayers. Navistar cuts 450 manufacturing jobs in Coburg, Oregon. All while Obama is having a hip-hop barbeque, telling us things are getting better.

Watch below as Aaron Baker of No Sugar Coated news gives a heated report of the economic conditions.


KVAL of Eugene, Oregon reports on the loss of 450 jobs in Coburg, Oregon.

Watch video below-


Links to all major news stories on this issue, below.


Navistar cuts 450 of 600 jobs at Monaco Coach in Coburg


Food stamp use rises to record 45.8 million


S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time


Fannie Mae seeks $5.1 billion more from taxpayers


Iran revolutionary guards commander becomes new president of Opec


US Stocks Suffer Worst Week Since Financial Crisis


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