Rep. DeFazio, US Dept Crisis, American Prisoners In Iran, Town Hall Cottage Grove, Oregon

Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon’s 4th congressional district, put on a town hall meeting in Cottage Grove Oregon’s community event center August 22, 2011. DeFazio opened up the meeting with a hypothetical look at the United States dept crisis. Many supporters showed up for DeFazio egging him on to enact further socialist programs. One man requested Medicare for all, while DeFazio responded with saying the recent healthcare bill was only a “step”. A woman called for an amendment to the United States constitution banning all publicly traded companies of their citizenship.

Halfway through the meeting one woman asked what DeFazio was doing with the current administration to reenact the assault weapons ban. Peter had no real reply other than rambling about how bad Bill Clinton’s bill was. Shortly after a man addressed the meeting about his friend being held and convicted of espionage in Iran. He asked if DeFazio was helping in anyway and if not, if he could start to help.

No Sugar Coated News (NSCNews) got in one quick question as Rep. Peter DeFazio exited the building. Watch below to see a break down of the meeting by Aaron Baker.



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