Economic Collapse or Evolving Economy?, Borders Books Liquidation, Discovery of the Internet

Story by Aaron Baker 09/05/2011


           After rummaging through the half empty book shelves, during Borders Book’s liquidation sale, one can clearly see the power of the internet. It’s been nearly two decades since the release of the World Wide Web to the public. The WWW has gone through tremendous technological advances since the turn of the century. In the 1990s only basic HTML pages could be decoded by web browsers across the web. Today it’s hard to keep up with the constant change of new computer languages.


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) websites have become so dynamic, people have lost the need for the physical presence of goods to fulfill their shopping needs. The internet bandwidth is now capable of streaming video right into homes, giving people in-depth reviews of products uses and durability.


Borders seems to be a victim of the ever encompassing technological advancements in the web. The web now offers downloadable books for prices one could not imagine possible several years back. Music and movies are easier to obtain over the internet than waiting in line at the record store. Not long before Borders filed for bankruptcy, the movie rental giant, Blockbuster video fell victim. The internet now allows movies to be streamed directly into people’s televisions.


Many can still blame the bankruptcies on bad business practices. Borders expanded nationally to quick while taking on many depts. If this is the case, this large company was hit simultaneously by the internet and America’s dept crisis. Watch below as Aaron Baker gives a report from Eugene, Oregon’s Borders book store parking lot.



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