Economic Collapse, Railroad Workers to Strike

On October 03, 2011 Teamster’s rail conference division, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, almost unanimously voted in favor to strike. If no Presidential Emergency Board is appointed by President Obama by October 7, 2011, railroad workers will walk off the job. A strike by railroad workers could have cataclysmic effects on America’s economy. Production at nearly every industry in the country could have downturn due to shipping and receiving shut down.

After labor day of 2011, violence and protests have sprung up around the country. On labor day Teamster’s president, James P. Hoffa, with Obama’s company declared war within the United States on citizens other than union workers. Since then we have seen unionized longshoremen in Longview Washington storm a grain facility causing damage to the facility. Thousands have and are still gathered in New York City’s streets protesting against capitalism and corporate greed. Arrests of protesters are happening daily with a pentacle of 700 arrest in one day on the Brooklyn bridge.

Could elevated chaos and economic degradation within the United States cause Obama to suspend the upcoming presidential election? Martial Law on the streets of America?  Many have predicted this scenario years ago. In 2005 2K Games published a computer video game with this exact scenario taking place in 2012.

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James P. Hoffa’s Labor Day speech, below.


Union violence in Longview, Washington. Watch Below


Must Watch, Shattered Union Video Game Trailer.




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