Occupy Wall Street Infiltrators and Impostors, Anti Chamber of Commerce Protest

October 10, 2011, No Sugar-Coated News finds a small protest massed outside of Eugene, Oregon’s Chamber of Commerce headquarters. NSC news obtained a flyer, giving information, about the protest put on by MindFreedom International. The flyer specified it was in support of the new national occupy movement. The group was targeting the Chamber of Commerce for their lobbying against economic justice, banking reform, and action addressing the climate crisis.

NSC news finds a bystander across the street waiting for a bus. NSC interviews the man finding out he’s a supporter of the Occupy Eugene group. He quickly disassociates the protest against the Chamber of Commerce as being affiliated with the Occupy Eugene movement.

Watch below as Aaron Baker of No Sugar Coated News conducts the interview.


Watch Occupy Eugene, Oregon’s first video of making committees. It’s a long drawn out process that seems to have little reward so far.


Links to Mainstream Media Stories and key info

Occupy Eugene Website


MindFreedom International


Libertarian socialism





By Aaron Baker

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