Economic Collapse-Revolution, Occupy Wall Street is a Vanguard Anarcho-Syndicalists’ , Black Panther and U of O Professor Speak at Eugene Occupy Movement

Anarcho-syndicalist flags, solid red socialist flags, and solid black anarchy flags flew over the revolutionaries heads, unchallenged in Eugene, Oregon’s Occupy Wall Street Vanguard. The idea of the vanguard is to bring the working class proletariat (99% they call it) to revolutionary consciousness. Vladimir Lenin in his 1902 political pamphlet, What is to be done?, wrote about the working class working to much to be educated in Marxist theory. His solution was to make a vanguard party of proletariats with class consciousness to conspire against the capitalist system, educating the working class and bringing them to revolutionary consciousness.

Speakers at the Eugene event repeatedly called for revolution and the end of capitalism. One man addressed the crowd by saying, this is the beginning of something we’re picking up, started by ancestors before us, this is nothing new, just the next step forward. The next speaker in the video posted below was University of Oregon Professor, John Bellamy Foster, a known Marxist. But that was not the end, Malik Rahim a so called former Black Panther stated jobs are not the number one priority, but that the environment was the greatest priority. He ended his speech by saying he’s going back to Oakland for the Black Panthers 45th year anniversary to call on all members to get active in their communities Occupy movement.
Watch below as Aaron Baker of No Sugar Coated News gives you a in-depth un sugar-coated news report.


Kval of Eugene, Oregon’s report with a red socialist flag and anarcho-syndicalist flag in the background, clearly seen for those who know what they’re looking at.


SUV on Eugene, Oregon street spray painted with Occupy Wall Street Slogans and Anarchy symbol graffiti, then lit on fire. Watch Below.


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John Bellamy Foster


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