Economic Collapse, Occupy Wall Street to Bankrupt American Cities, Who’s Behind It?

The left controlled main stream media would have you believe the Occupy Wall Street movement started as a grass roots event on September 17, 2011. But how was the website registered on July 14, 2011? The truth is finally spilling out into the web blogs around the world. Robert S. Halper a one-percenter who made his fortune trading on wall street and as a former vice chairman of the New-York Mercantile Exchange, financed the event in June of 2011. He met with Adbusters Media Foundation, an anti-capitalist, anti-semitic group located in Vancouver, British Columbia. He liked the idea for the occupation and donated 20,000 dollars to get the movement started. Adbusters notified all of their subscribers and the movement took off, explaining the July 14th registry of the website. Adbusters is the original group promoting the event for September 17, 2011 they made the iconic sign of a ballerina standing on top of the Wall Street Bull.
In nearly every YouTube or media video across the nation one can spot protesters wearing florescent green hats, with National Lawyers Guild stitched into the front. Many videos show possible guild members directing protesters on how to properly get arrested for greater benefit in court and the press. The National Lawyers Guild was started in 1937 and later became under investigation for being a communist front group during the height of the cold war. The group in recent years has received funding through George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Not only can George Soros be traced to funding the National Lawyers Guild, but also Adbusters Media Foundation, through the Tides Foundation.

The National Lawyers Guild will most likely be helping arrestees sue local municipal police departments for what they call unlawful arrest and police brutality. At Eugene, Oregon’s September 24th city council meeting Chief of Police, Pete Kerns stated his department had already spent approximately $15,000 on extra patrols for the encampment. The occupiers ultimate goal, could be to slowly drain cities police budgets to nothing, rendering the public defenseless.
Watch below as Aaron Baker of No Sugar Coated News gives you a in-depth un sugar-coated news report.


Glenn Beck gives you his full investigation into the puppet masters of Occupy Wall Street. Many of his conclusions are on the same track as No Sugar Coated News’ , yet different. Watch Glenn’s two hour segment, below.


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