Injustice, City Favors Occupy Movement Over Business Owners, Major Street to Lose Lane for Bus System

Protesters lined the sides of a major Highway through Eugene, Oregon, November 7, 2011. They’re trying to notify the public the potential of one lane out of four being taken away for EMX. Lane County’s Transit District is attempting to designate one lane specifically for bus (EMX) use and vehicle turning only. It’s been an ongoing battle for local tax payers and business owners who could see their property effected by the takeover. The city has gone as far to target business owners for displaying anti-EMX signs on their property.

Watch below as Aaron Baker of No Sugar Coated News interviews protesters along the Highway in Eugene, Oregon. One interviewee is part of the Our Money Our Transit group, who has been fighting against the city council for freedom of speech.


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Watch below No Sugar Coated News’ first and most informative video of what EMX is.




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Dispute rises over EmX signs Some business owners who oppose the proposal say they’ve been unfairly targeted under threat of city fines

Our Money Our Transit


By Aaron Baker

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