Occupy Portland, Eviction Notice 11/12/11, Urine and Mexican Swag Marijuana Pollute the Air

Mayor Sam Adams of Portland, Oregon has set an eviction for Occupy Portland. A minute past midnight Saturday 11/12/11 occupiers will have to face arrest if still present. Mayor Sam Adams has been a staunch supporter of the movement up until recent events unfolding in and around the encampment. A Molotov Cocktail thrown at the World Trade Center building, drug overdoses, outbreak of body and hair lice, assaults daily, and horrible stenches of urine mixed with the smell of Mexican Swag Marijuana, smelt for blocks away. The camp poses a serious health threat for all citizens of Portland, Oregon. Dogs defecating next to the so called kitchen that feeds the residents of the shanty town. Drug use that requires utensils capable of transmitting disease and viruses from one camper to the next. On top of it all, flea covered rats in Portland, Oregon have recently come to the infestation stage. Biting homeless people as they sleep on the streets. Rats are still caring the deadly Black Plague with them in America, transferable though fleas biting them then you.

Watch below as Aaron Baker of No Sugar-Coated News reports from the scene on November 09, 2011.


Watch below the full press conference by Sam Adams-


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By Aaron Baker

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