Sen. Ron Wyden to filibuster Protect IP Act PIPA, Oregon Counties are Broke, Jay Bozievich asks Wyden for Help

Aaron Baker sits in on US Senator Ron Wyden’s progressive mantra at the Siuslaw Valley Fire Station in Florence, Oregon on January 8, 2012. Ron Wyden was pushing the crowd of nearly all retired elders to ask him about the Protect IP Act- PIPA ,but no one in the crowd seemed to care about it or have the internet. Ron Wyden brought the bill up every chance he could get to tout his opposition to the legislation. Wyden was excited to say he would filibuster the bill as soon as he got back to the Senate after winter recess. After some quick internet research it seems Ron Wyden has proposed his own alternative to PIPA and SOPA. Link provided below.

The mayor of Florence pulled out ticket stubs from a container, calling out numbers for those who wished to ask Senator Wyden a question. West Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich asked for the Senators support on a bill being drafted by Peter DeFazio and Greg Walden of Oregon. He stated Lane County and others are on the edge of a financial crisis with the end of the Secure Rural School Act payments, timber payment. Jay Bozievich requested a sustainable forest harvest of the 55 percent of Lane County that is owned by the federal government.
Watch a short video clip of the town hall meeting below.


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